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Salem Performing Arts: Woodbury

Woodbury Performing Arts

Woodbury's Performing Arts department includes a myriad of opportunities for students! Our Woodbury Performing Arts department uses the National Core Arts Standards and the NH Model Arts Competencies to craft lessons and units for students that increase their motivation, their musicianship, and their love of all things performing arts!




Students in Band class at Woodbury School learn so much more than just the music for the concert! Students in Band at the middle school level increasingly build upon skills learned in 5th grade, with the goal of becoming high school-ready musicians. 

Instruction includes instrumental technique and training on idiomatic issues specific to each instrument, musical expression, notation, creative projects that involve collaboration, preparation for concerts, listening and responding to music, and connecting learning about music to our lives and the world around us. 

Band students perform at least twice a year in annual concerts and have participated in festivals at the state and regional level. Students in Band are encouraged to play their instruments to the best of their ability, to learn and increase their knowledge of music in general, and to have fun! 


Woodbury Strings

At Woodbury, students can begin instruction in Strings, or continue instruction from Elementary school. While Strings instruction is offered as a class, it is in addition to a student's other music class choice, either Chorus, Band, or Music Lab. 

Strings students meet every other day in grade-level groupings and perform at least twice a year. Emphasis is placed on building skills in note reading, technique, and musicianship. Students also prepare music for performance in large and small groupings. Instruction is rooted in the National Core Arts Standards and the NH Arts Model Competencies of Performing, Responding, Creating, and Connecting. 

Strings students at Woodbury do receive a grade for their work on the report card. For more information, please reach out to our Woodbury Strings Instructor, Stephen Poirier, at 



Throughout the year, Woodbury offers enrichment programs called POWER clubs. In our department we offer the following clubs:

Modern Band

Winter Percussion 

Color Guard

Watch for more information about POWER clubs from Woodbury Assistant Principal, Brad St. Laurent!


Chorus at Woodbury School is a class that students take to fulfill their music requirement for their schedule. Although Elementary School Chorus was a once a week opportunity for students to learn songs together, Chorus at Woodbury is so much more

In Chorus, students use their voices to learn more about music. Students in Chorus will practice and rehearse music and musical concepts, learn more about sight-reading and musical notation and expression, create and collaborate on projects in class, listen and respond to music, and connect their learning in class to their lives and the world around them. 

Choristers at Woodbury learn many different kinds of songs, including rock and pop hits, classical-style compositions, Broadway, gospel, spirituals, and more! In eighth grade, students take a lead role in choosing repertoire for study.

Chorus performs at least twice a year in annual concerts. Students are encouraged to participate in festivals both in the state and regionally. Students in Chorus are also encouraged to try out for Select Chorus.

Select Chorus

Woodbury Select Chorus is our school's auditioned vocal group. It is comprised of 6th, 7th , and 8th grade students. It meets during Directed Study on selected weekdays. Select Chorus learns a higher level of repertoire and participates in more outside school performances such as festivals, events, sports games, and nursing home visits. 

Reach out to our Chorus teacher, Kristen Rayho for more information about Select Chorus!

Music Lab

Music Lab is a course designed for students who do not wish to play in the Band or sing in the Chorus. It's a hands-on music course that explores music by playing, learning, and creating. The only thing you need for Music Lab is an open mind and a readiness to learn more about music! 

Students in Music Lab learn to play various classroom instruments, like percussion, ukulele, and piano to expand their knowledge of music and music in their lives. 

In Sixth Grade: Music Lab students increase their understanding of five of the elements of music: Melody, Rhythm, Harmony, Tempo, Texture

In Seventh Grade: Music Lab students increase their understanding of different genres of music by playing and composing their own music in class

In Eighth Grade: Music Lab students, using the skills and concepts they've learned, connect their understanding of music to their lives, their world, and the world beyond Salem 

Theatre at Woodbury

Each year, our Woodbury Break-A-Leg players produce a musical production in the spring! All students are encouraged to try out and participate in the show. We stage the show at the Performing Arts Center at SHS, with full costumes, sets, lights, sound and more! Look for more information from faculty advisors Kristen Rayho and Jennifer Genova!