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Welcome to Salem Performing Arts!

Our mission in the Salem K-12 Performing Arts department is to serve students with the highest quality, most impactful, and authentic performing arts education possible, because we believe in the transformative potential of arts education. We provide a comprehensive curriculum that allows each student to develop skills and talents, and to shine! 


SSD Media put together a great video of all Performing Arts activities at Salem High School. Check it out!


Upcoming Events in Salem Performing Arts:

Look here for upcoming events in Salem Performing Arts in 2022-2023, including our SHS Theatre Arts productions, building concerts, special musical events and more!

*All concerts held in Seifert Performing Arts Center at Salem High School*

Elementary School Concerts: 

Thursday, May 9- Soule School Chorus Concert, 6pm

    Thursday, May 9- Lancaster School Chorus Concert, 7pm

Thursday, May 16- Fisk School Chorus Concert, 6pm

      Thursday, May 16- Barron School Chorus Concert, 7pm

Tuesday, May 28- Fisk & North Salem Elementary Strings Concert, 5pm

      Tuesday, May 28- Lancaster & Soule Elementary Strings Concert, 6pm

      Tuesday, May 28- Barron Elementary Strings Concert, 7pm

Thursday, May 30- North Salem School Chorus Concert, 6pm

Tuesday, June 4- All Elementary School Band Concert, 6pm

Thursday, June 6- Elementary Instrument Rental Night for 24-25 Band/Strings Sign Ups, 6pm

Woodbury Middle School Concerts: 

Tuesday, May 21- Woodbury 6th Grade & Jazz Band Concert, 6pm

Wednesday, May 22- Woodbury 6th Grade Chorus Concert, 5pm

Wednesday, May 22- Woodbury 7th Grade Chorus Concert, 6pm

Wednesday, May 22- Woodbury 8th Grade Chorus Concert, 7pm

Thursday, May 23- Woodbury 7th & 8th Grade Band Concert, 6pm

Wednesday, May 29- SHS & Woodbury Strings Concert, 6pm

Salem High School Concerts:

Wednesday, May 15- SHS Spring Band and Chorus Concert, 6pm

Wednesday, May 29- SHS & Woodbury Strings Concert, 6pm