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Salem Performing Arts: STAFF

Meet Our Staff!

Our staff at Salem Performing Arts are dedicated and skilled professionals ready to help your students become the best musicians and thespians possible! Reach out to any staff at any time via email.


Elementary Staff

Lily Chartrain

Elementary Band, all Elementary Schools

Julie Gray

Fisk and North Salem Classroom Music and Chorus

Steve Organek

Elementary Strings, all Elementary Schools

Kristen Pare

Elementary Classroom Music and Chorus, all Elementary Schools

Olivia Perrault

Elementary Classroom Music and Chorus, Lancaster and Soule Schools


Woodbury Staff

Anders Benson


Music Lab

Modern Music Ensemble

Color Guard Club

Keeghan Fountain

Music Lab 

Stephen Poirier


Kristen Rayho

Chorus and Music Lab

Woodbury Break-A-Leg Players


SHS Staff

Christopher Bujold

Theater Classes

SHS Theatre Arts

Marty Claussen

Bands, Theory, Unified Music, Guitar

SHS Marching Band, Pit Band

Stephen Poirier

Strings Ensemble

David Scheiber

Vocal Technique, Piano, Guitar, Choruses, Music Technology

Jillian Thiele

Theater Classes

SHS Theatre Arts