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Woodbury Music Department: Concert Band

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Band Curriculum

Band Curriculum - All Grades

•    Band is an elective course where entrance and placement is based upon the student level of performance. Instrumental music lessons are available to any student who demonstrates an interest in acquiring proficiency in a particular band instrument.

•    The band meets by section every other day by grade level. Students are encouraged to study with a private teacher and are required to practice as homework.

•    The bands perform at major concerts through out the year, not limited to, but including: the fall classic (SHS football game), holiday and spring shows, and specialty grade level concerts.


•    To give the student an opportunity to enjoy music through active participation.

•    To work with peers and cooperate in a group effort.

•    To develop and refine personal character traits of responsibility, discipline, leadership, poise, dependability, and citizenship.

•    Acquire concepts and skills to provide recreation pleasure, and worthy use of leisure time.

•    To acquaint the student with a varied repertoire of good band, ensemble, and solo literature.

•    Develop skills in discipline and therefore provide a feeling of accomplishment through personal effort.

•    To expose students to a variety of music from other cultures.

Course Content:

•    Preparation for performances

•    Two full band rehearsals before concerts approximately 60 minutes each.

•    Sectional rehearsal every other day approximately 50 minutes.

•    Preparation of small groups and individuals for music festivals, auditions, solo and ensemble festivals etc.

•    Sight-reading is incorporated into rehearsals to expose students to a wide variety of literature and develop reading skills.

•    Various method books are used to develop technique. (Essential Elements 2000) Book 1 (gr. 6), Book 2 (gr.7), and Book 3 (gr. 8). The book is $8 (Percussion and bells $15) and includes a practice CD).

Evaluation Techniques:

•    Teacher observation

•    Lesson reviews

•    Regularity of attendance at rehearsals, lessons and band performances.

•    Evaluations of quality of work done in weekly lessons and rehearsals.

•    Evaluations of attitude and behavior in rehearsals and performances.

•    Evaluations of performances.


•    Various method books for individual instruments. (EE 2000), Rhythm Book, Whaley books (perc. Only)

•    Band literature (music grade 1-3 (out of 6) varying for grade level).

•    Solo literature

Ensemble Literature