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Woodbury Music Department: Percussion

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Tips, Tricks and Techniques

How to get a great snare drum sound:  (since there are many percussion instruments, I picked snare, and gave you some links for other percussion instruments)

•    Play in the middle with your hands even. Check your grip. Your hands should form an upside down V in proper position.

•    Use wrist and fingers, not full arm.

•    Keep shoulders down and relaxed.

•    Your drum should be a little higher than your waist when you are standing behind it.

•    If the top head shows wrinkles, or can be pushed in easily, you should use your drum key and tighten each lug ¼ to ½ a turn. Use the cross tuning method.

•    Make sure your snares are not loose and rattling. They are the metal wires across the bottom drum head. Use a small screwdriver to adjust the screws on the throw-off (on the side), pull the snares tight, and tighten the screws.

Links (online questions, and information) (see videos of the rudiments, and online lessons plus solos you can print) (millions of links to online lessons) (lots of good stuff here)

Drum Jokes!