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Woodbury Spanish : Home

Woodbury Spanish

World Cultures (6th)

Students are introduced to Spanish and French in an exploratory quarter in the 6th grade World Cultures class.  The Spanish course covers basic greetings, weather, and food vocabulary.  We also focus on Spain and learn about daily life and customs.  This class is a great way to expose students to foreign language studies in the hopes of becoming life-long learners.  

Spanish I  (7th & 8th)

This course is a two-year commitment and gives students an opportunity to enroll in Spanish II at SHS their freshman year.  Students develop four core language skills-- listening, reading, writing, and speaking, through the learning of culture, communication, connections, comparisons, and community.  The tabs above provide the curriculum for each grade level.  

Online Translators?! Bad!

Alpaca or LLama Quiz

Llamas and alpacas are important herd animals in South America.  They are members of the camel family and were domesticated by the Incas thousands of years ago.  Can you tell the difference between an alpaca and a llama?  Click here for a fun quiz!

About This Website

Welcome to the Woodbury Spanish website.  You will find:

  • 6th grade World Culture materials.
  • 7th and 8th grade curriculum with links to workbooks and vocabulary.
  • Spanish keyboard to help insert accent marks, etc.
  • Songs from class.
  • Cultural information and links to holidays and celebrations.
  • Links to study countries.
  • Games by chapter and section.
  • Extra Credit "Aventuras."
  • Apps for Apple & Android products.

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World Language: Spanish

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