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Beech: Science Home

Resources to accompany science class on Team Beech

Units of Study

This year in 7th grade we will be studying some physical, earth, and life science.

  • Sept = Geology on Mars
  • Sept/Oct = Plate Motion & Internship
  • Nov/Dec = Rock Transformations
  • Jan/Feb = Phase Change & Internship
  • Mar = Chemical Reactions
  • Mar/April = Populations & Resources
  • May = Matter & Energy in Ecosystems


Welcome to Team Beech Science!  I am so excited to share my love of all things scientific with our students.

These are the class policies we will be following this year:

About Mrs. Clegg

Hi!  My name is Nicole Clegg and I am a wife, mother, and passionate teacher and scientist.  This is the start of my 15th year at Woodbury and I love the energy and enthusiasm of middle schoolers.

I feel strongly that students need to have an awareness of the world around them and understand how science plays a role in their everyday lives. An understanding of science can help everyone make decisions that affect their health and happiness.

When I'm not sharing all the wonders of science with students, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two teenagers.. I love to cook (especially baking), read, and cheer on my children at their sporting and dance events.