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breakoutedu: Breakout!

Interested in doing a breakout in your classroom?

breakoutedu has hundreds of curriculum aligned games for all disciplines.   If you would like to explore further let's set up a time to chat! 

Breakouts done in the SHS Library


What is breakoutedu?

Q - What is breakoutedu?
A - It's an escape room for education! Learn more about the kit and digital games in the slideshow below.  


Breakoutedu: Helping Students Breakout of their Comfort Zones

Susan Detwiler, Trudi Jacobson, and Kelsey O’Brien write: “If you’d walked by Susan Detwiler’s Writing and Critical Inquiry classrooms at the University at Albany on September 7, you would have seen something rather unusual: two teams of students huddled around tables, preoccupied with locked boxes and an assortment of other materials. The students were working with BreakoutEDU, an immersive games platform that builds on the growing popularity of escape rooms.”...

College and Research Libraries News 79, no. 2 (Feb.): 62–66


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