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breakoutedu: Creating Digital Breakouts

Creating Digital Breakouts


How to get started....

What is the story?  What will motivate students to be challenged to unlock the box/solve the puzzles.  Keep it simple. 

Determine Your Artifacts

These will be used to create puzzles.  Some examples are: photos, maps, songs, articles, codes, etc.


Start by determining the artifacts you want students to look at, hear, maniupulate, etc. and Rachel can help you brainstorm puzzle ideas.  Once puzzles and their combinations are determined she will build it on the breakoutedu site and share a link with you. 


Locks for digital breakouts have the following limitations:

Lock Type Characteristics/Limitations
Word/Letters Up to 15 characters 
Number Up to 5 digits
Directions Up to 5 directions - Left/Right/Up/Down

Up to 5 shapes - Circle, square, triangle, star, diamond


Up to 5 of the following colors:




Staff Created Digital Breakouts

Ideas on how to create puzzles

Digital Design Course