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Jacqueline Buck's Classroom: Welcome to Second Grade!

Partnering with Parents to Enrich the Student Learning Experience

Unified Arts Schedule

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Guidance

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Library

Friday: Music

Educational Tools & Games

Team 9 Pictures

Team 9 's Class Schedule

A Typical Day

8:45-9:00         Morning Routine

9:00-9:20         Calendar/math activities

9:20-10:20       Readers' Workshop

10:20-10:30     Snack

10:30-10:45      Phonics & Word Study

10:45-11:30      Writers' Workshop

11:30-12:15     Recess/Lunch

12:15-12:45     Intervention Block / ST Math

12:45-1:00       Science/Social Studies/Handwriting/Typing

1:00-1:40         Specials

1:40-1:55          Recess

1:55-2:45          Math

2:45-3:00         Pack up Routine 

3:00                  Dismissal 

Soule School Resources


Two leveled texts go home each Tuesday.  Please sign the booklog and have your child return them on Thursday.

  • Monday through Thursday, reading for 20 minutes is expected.  The reading can be done by your child or you.
  • ST Math is an optional assignment unless otherwise noted on the Student Planner.