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2022-2023 Digital Tools Support: LibGuides/ Teacher Website

2022-2023 LibGuide Guidelines

LibGuides will continue to be used for instruction and as a communication tool.
Use these guidelines when setting up a LibGuide to maintain consistency, organization, and ease-of-use for our students and teachers.

LibGuides for Grades Pre-K to 5   LibGuides for Grades 6 to 8 

LibGuide Cleanup 2022-2023

Cleaning up Pre-K to 8 LibGuide Sites will help keep students and teachers organized from year to year or between semesters, trimesters, or quarters.  Here are some reminders of the steps to take to make sure the process of clean up is done correctly for everyone's benefit.


 Pre-K to 8 Teacher Site End of Year


LibGuide Blog Advice

Blog Advice: 

  • Don't use any extreme fonts or colors
    • This may make it unreadable on a mobile device
  • Delete any old posts
    • You do not want viewers getting confused between last year's posts and this year's 
  • IF you do not want to delete then unpublish and save as draft
    • This will make the post invisible to viewers but viewable to you when in edit mode
  • Give your posts topics. Try to avoid using only a date in the name as viewers will not search based on date