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2023-2024 Digital Tools Support: Google Classroom

Best Practices

Keep you and your students organized!

Use these best practices to help keep yourself and your students organized: 

  1. Topic: Tag each post in your Classwork tab with a topic to group and organize assignments
  2. Due Date: When creating an assignment, be sure to give it a Due date so it will be added to the Assignment Calendar
  3. Assignment Calendar: You and your students can find all assignments for all classes in one calendar view
  4. To-do: Teachers and students can use the To-do list to track all outstanding assignments not reviewed while students can use the To-do as a work list of all assignments in Google Classroom

Useful Google Classroom Presentations

Reusing Assignments

Assigning to Small Groups or Individuals

Google Classroom Settings

Classroom Cleanup

Cleaning up Google Classroom will help keep students and teachers organized from year to year or between semesters, trimesters, or quarters.  Here are some reminders of the steps to take to make sure the process of clean up / archiving is done correctly for everyone's benefit.

Presentation Below - Slides Version Here