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Elementary Speech and Language: Welcome

Welcome to Speech and Language

Welcome to the Salem Elementary Speech-Language website! This is where you can find different speech and language activities while your children are learning from home. Try to complete an activity from one of these folders depending on which area(s) your child is working on:

  • Expressive Language (Speaking/Use): your child is working on building sentences, verb tenses, pronouns, sequencing, etc.

  • Receptive Language (Understanding): your child is working on skills such as following directions, answering WH- questions, reading comprehension, etc.

  • Social Skills: your child is working on understanding nonverbal language, conversations, problem solving, and more. This folder also has video activities.

  • Speech Sounds: your child is working on saying sounds better such as /r/, /s/, /th/, or others. This folder also has video examples for specific sounds.

  • Vocabulary: your child is working on categorizing, comparing, describing, word associations, etc.

In addition, check in with the Activity Calendars and Questions of the Week to complete some extra fun and easy projects. If you can, please try to set aside a Speech Notebook. This could be a method for students to write a sentence, answer a question, or draw a picture in response. That way, this will be easier for us to track their progress and check in when students return to school.
Stay safe and healthy!
Salem Elementary Speech-Language Pathologists