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Mrs. Moldoff's Music Class: Mrs. Moldoff's Fourth Grade Digital Learning Class week of April 6


Welcome to Fourth Grade Music with Mrs. Moldoff!

Please complete the following musical activities on your music day! If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mrs. Moldoff



Hip Hop and Rap Introduction STEP 1

Please watch this video as an introduction to Hip Hop & Rap

Rap Talk - Composing STEP 2

Now I would like you watch this video on Hip Hop Rap Talk.  We are going to learn how to “Free Rap”.  At the end of the video there is time for you to give it a try.

Mellow Groove Drum Track

Practicing "Free Rap" - Performing STEP 3

Now practice with a family member…..Here are some conversation starters

Hi Mom, what are we having for dinner?
Hi Dad can we go outside today?

What’s your favorite Song? Favorite Movie?  Favorite Food?

I love it when my (dog/cat etc.)…..

Your goal should be to rap talk for 30 seconds!

Use my rhythm tracks or find your own.

You can rap talk over your favorite rap song rhythm