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Mrs. Moldoff's Music Class: Mrs. Moldoff's Second Grade Digital Learning Class Week of May 4-8


Welcome to Second Grade Music with Mrs. Moldoff!

Please complete the following musical activities on your music day! If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mrs. Moldoff


Music Literature - Solfege Hand Signal Review

Follow along and do what he does on the video - Have Fun!

Get your drum, watch this video and play along!

Have Fun Playing We Will, We Will, Rock You!

Remember, when playing your drum  R  means to play with your RIGHT HAND and  L  means to play with your LEFT HAND.     When you see the letter  B  use BOTH HANDS together.  A music note with an  X  on the bottom of it's stem means you tap your sticks together.  Have fun Drumming!


Clickety Clack - After singing this song, Fast Forward to 11:01 for We Go Together


Clickety Clack and They Go Together