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Mrs. Moldoff's Music Class: Mrs. Moldoff's Kindergarten Digital Music Classroom - Week of May 4-8


Welcome to Kindergarten Music with Mrs. Moldoff!

Please complete the following musical activities on your music day! If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mrs. Moldoff


Music Literature - Solfege Hand Signal Review

Follow along and do what he does on the video - Have Fun!

Vocal Exploration

Watch the following video of an airplane flying through the sky!  Make your voice HIGH when the plane flies HIGH, and make your voice LOW when the plane flies LOW!

Follow the directions on the link below to create your own simple paper airplane.  Can you make your voice follow your airplane HIGH and LOW as it flies?


Let's practice COUNTING with a fun airplane song!

Movement Break

Follow Mrs. Moldoff as she leads us in a calm and quiet movement break to a song called "Touch".





Let's Sing Zoodio!