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Distance Curriculum Support for K-5 Teachers: Learning Disabilities Specialist

Here you will find Literacy and STEM specialist schedules, How To Videos related to iReady, ST Math and other tools, answers to FAQ related to the SSD Curriculum through distance learning.


Katie Somers,

Learning Disabilities Specialist 

Zoom ID: 604-512-0677 


Stacey Eaton

Special Education Coordinator

Zoom ID: 443 -666 -3918

Margaret Bentley

Student Services Director

Zoom ID:   924-321-1406

Helpful Resources for SPED Teachers

How I do OG online by Deep Roots Learning Solutions: (19 minute Minute video showing ways to present and plan an Orton Gillingham Lesson using Zoom)

Sharing Text to Read in Zoom : (11 minute video showing ways to share online  text, word lists or passages, with students for direct instruction lessons reading lessons using Zoom)

Online Direct Instruction Tools

Whizzimo: a web based tool that provides letter tiles,word cards and other phonics instruction materials digitally (limited free content with demo trial) 

Getting Started 1.01 Whizzimo ( 3 Minute video for start up of Whizzimo)

Whizzimo Blackboard 1.06 (1 Minute video of blackboard option, included with demo)

Wilson and Fundations During Distance Learning

Wilson Academy is offering a free 6 month membership to the online site which offerers some printable materials to support both Wilson and Fundations instruction- link below

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask any question here. We will either respond to you individually and/or post the answer if it is something that may be helpful to everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Teacher Created Samples

Service Documentation Sample

Template:  Distance Learning Communication


SPIRE Online Resources

ONLINE projectable/ printable materials including: student readers, workbooks and word cards 

Moveable letter tiles per unit- link below

Sample video created by SPIRE: Distance Learning Lesson sample (video resources- Tips for SPIRE)

Discussion Topics