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Fine Motor Fun: Home

Fine Motor Fun



Office Hours: Monday and Tuesday 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Writing Apps-These apps are free and available for download onto phones or tablets.  They focus on printing letters, numbers and short words.  

  • Writing Wizard-by L’Escapadou 
  • iTrace-by Michael Bogorad 
  • Alphabet Tracing Free-by Sound House 


                Fine motor skills involve the small muscles of the hand, fingers and thumb.  They are necessary to grasp, hold and pinch items and develop when children explore and play with small items or toys such as beads, puzzles, connecting blocks and playdough.  Fine motor skills are used in school for tasks such as drawing, coloring, writing letters and numbers and using school tools such as tape, a stapler, glue sticks and a ruler.  Fine motor skills are also used in self care tasks at home and at school in activities like zipping a coat, buttoning a shirt, opening a re-sealable bag and tying a shoe.  Visual perceptual skills work closely together with fine motor skills when reading a story and writing your thoughts about it, copying information from the board.  

                Fine motor activities are fun! They involve imagination, creativity and sensory exploration.  

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Lori Carpenter
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