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Barron Bobcats Kindergarten: Kindergarten Information


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Student Drop Off/Pickup Procedures

Morning Drop Off:

  • Enter the 3rd entrance on the left where you will see the kindergarten playground
  • Drive up to Mrs. Kfoury one of our Kindergarten Support Staff Members 
  • Once you and your child have on your mask, please help your child out of the car and Mrs. Kfoury will show your child where to place their backpack outside
  • Once you get back in your car you will exit out of the first opening on the left 

Afternoon Pick Up:

  • Enter the 3rd entrance on the left where you will see the kindergarten playground
  • Drive towards the kindergarten doors where you will wait in line for child to be dismissed
  • Kindergarten Support Staff Members will be outside to help assist with dismissal 

Playground Information

Morning recess: 

  • Before the school bell rings students will have the opportunity to play on the kindergarten playground

Lunch recess:

  • After lunch the students will have their lunch recess outside on the kindergarten playground

Afternoon snack recess:

  • Students will enjoy their snack inside the classroom or sometimes outside and play on the kindergarten playground

*All recesses are supervised by the kindergarten support staff 


Kindergarten Playground

Kindergarten Doors - Recess Lineup

Lunch & Snack Time

Snack information:

Our morning snack is in the classroom and our afternoon snack is outside. Please provide your child with healthy snacks everyday. You can also provide your child with a labeled water bottle/drink. Thank you! 

Lunch information:

Students have lunch in the cafeteria each day. Your child has the option to bring a lunch from home in a labeled lunch box or they can buy lunch from school. If they are buying lunch from school you can send money in with your child or you can set up an account online. There will be more information about how to set up an account in the beginning of the school year. 

*If you have food allergy concerns you can notify the school nurse.