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Summer Engagement: Summer Engagement

Fisk Kindergarten

Reading Checklist


Click the poster for a printable checklist to keep track of how many books you've read this summer!

Summer Reading at the Fisk Library


MATH - fluency & fun!

This is a fun way to practice addition!

You can play this as a timed game.  After you click on and open the document, click on "Slide Show" then click "From Beginning" for the slide show to play on its own.

Solve the addition problem, place your finger over your answer, then wait for the screen to change – the number in green is the correct answer.  The numbers in red are not correct.

If you prefer to practice without a set time, do not click on Slide Show and just move through the slides at your own pace.

Have fun!

Subtraction Fluency Game



This Subtraction Fluency Game is just like the Addition Fluency Game!

Solve the subtraction problem, place your finger over your answer, then click to move to the next screen to to see if you are correct.  The number in green is the correct answer.  The numbers in red are not correct.

Have fun!

Sight Words

Kindergarten Snap Words


Printable Snap Word Flash Cards

First Grade Snap Words

Click the picture for a printable version.


Students click through this slideshow to practice saying and spelling kindergarten sight words!

Click above to see all of the different ways you can practice sight words!

Summer Writing Topics


Hundreds Chart Activities

Click below to access a Hundreds Chart to complete activities!


What can I do with my Hundreds Chart?

Check off each one as you go!


Read the numbers as fast or as slow as you can.


Count backwards from 100!


Read your chart in a silly voice.  Try reading like a monster, a princess, a frog, or an opera singer!


Cover some numbers with pennies and have a buddy guess the hidden numbers.  When you’re done, switch jobs and guess the numbers that your buddy hid!


Skip count by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s.


Count a column (vertical going down).


Count a row (horizontal going across).


Pick a number and tell a buddy what is above, below, before, and after that number.


Tell how many tens and ones a number has.


Pick a number and tell what is one more and one less than that number


Pick a number and tell what is 10 more or 10 less than that number


Click below for a printable checklist!