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Salem School District - Summer Performing Arts Enrichment: General Music/Theater

Recorder Play-Along!

Learn to Play Ukulele!

Do you have a ukulele?  Do you want to learn how to play it?

The following video is an introduction to a great 30 Day "Learn to Play Ukulele" Challenge!  On the right side of the screen, you will see each day's lesson.  Each lesson is on 5-10 minutes!  This is a WONDERFUL way to learn a new instrument on your own over summer vacation!

Hip-Hop Music: Learn to Create Your own Rap

Little Kids Rock!

It's always fun to create your own music!  This website has lessons that teach you how to create your own rap!

Theater Challenges

Check out this playlist of theater challenges from Round About Theater!
Gather your friends to be creative and HAVE FUN!
(Don't forget to scroll on the right side of the screen for more episodes!)