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Shelly Welch's Classroom: Quarantine Students

Week 1

  Reading - Grade 1

Reading Lessons

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Lesson Description


Day 1 - Word Detectives Are Always on the Lookout 

Today you will become a word detective! You’ll be on the lookout for problems and tricky words and you’ll stop and solve them using your decoding strategies.

Day 2 - Word Detectives Look Closely 

Today your mission will be to look closely across the WHOLE word from start to end when tackling a tricky word. You’ll practice this while reading independently for 20 minutes.

Day 3 - Word Detectives Use Everything They Know 

Today you’ll think about all the strategies you know for solving tricky words and you’ll put them to use while reading!

Day 4- Word Detectives Check Their Words Slowly 

Today when you come to a word you think you know, you’ll run your finger under it slowly and make sure all the parts look right.

Day 5- Word Detectives Read Words in a Snap 

Today you’ll practice spotting words you know and reading them in a snap!

                                          Writing Grade1

Writing Lessons

username: salem

password: salem



Lesson Description


Day 1 Writers Study the Kind of Writing They Plan to Make

Today we are going to try a new type of writing. We will be writing how-to books! Watch this video to learn about how-to books and then work to write one of your own!

Day 2 Writers Use What They Already Know

Today, you will touch, tell, sketch and write! You can work on how-to book you started yesterday, or begin a new one!

Day 3 Writers Become Readers, Asking, “Can I Follow This?” 

Today you will reread your how-to book to yourself and to someone else. You’ll check to make sure it makes sense and then you’ll work to fix it up!

Day 4 Writers Write as Many Books as They Can

Today you’ll think about all the things you know how to do. You’ll use this to think of more and more things to write about!.

Day 5 Writing for Readers: Using the Word You

Today you’ll write down the steps for your readers, using the word, “you” so that the reader knows you are talking to her.

Word Study - Grade 1 


username: salem

password: salem



Lesson Description


Day 1 - Listening for Sounds that Are ‘Hiding in the Edges’ of Blends

Today you’ll listen carefully to the beginning of words to hear all the sounds that blends make.

Day 2 - Reading Poetry with All You Know

Today you’ll think about everything you know about blends and digraphs to read words in a poem.

Day 3  - Playing ‘Hunt for Blends’ with Poetry

Today you’ll hunt for blends and think about all the sounds in blends to help you read new words.

Day 4 -Magic Spells

Today you’ll create a magic spell! You’ll think about all the sounds you hear in the words you want to write and you’ll write words  in a way that others can read them.

Day 5 - Activating Word Part Power to Write Longer Words

Today you’ll write another magic spell! You’ll clap out syllables and write out all the sounds you hear in each syllable.

Week 2