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Mrs. Ayles: Zoom Link & Remote Snow Day Schedule

Mrs. Ayles - Zoom Link

Classroom Zoom Link

Please click the link below to join!

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 808 291 7369
Passcode: 958977

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Remote Snow Day Schedule

Classroom Zoom Sessions 

9:30am - Opening Morning Meeting with Classroom Teachers

{Approximately 30 minutes in length}

10:00 am - Independent Work Time

Independent Reading with Books (30 minutes)

Raz-Kids (20 minutes)

Typing Agent (20 minutes)

12:30 pm - Midday Check in with Classroom Teachers 

{Approximately 30 minutes in length}

Check in on morning work and answer questions about independent work

1:00 pm - Independent Work Time

Zearn Lesson

ST Math Time (45 minutes)