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Shauna DeRosa's Classroom: What are we learning?



Students are learning to build good reading habits. We are also working on building our reading stamina.  We are working on our routines for Reading Workshop and learning how to do Read to self, Buddy Reading and Listening to Reading.  Students are also learning what it means to be a good reading partner. 

We started off not being able to read for a minute, and are up to 9 minutes now! Students are reminded daily that reading can be done by reading the pictures, reading the words or retelling the story.  We are beginning to take a closer look at solving tricky words and are also noticing bad habits we have as readers, and how to fix them!

Be on the lookout for our weekly Reading Workshop chart, so you can see what we are busy doing each day!



In writing we have been practicing how to write a story. We are now starting to learn how to bring our stories to life.  Our writers have lots of writing tools they are learning to use, and are working on their writing stamina.