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Shauna DeRosa's Classroom: Homework

Homework Schedule

Monday- Read for 20 minutes to, or with, an adult

Tuesday- Read for 20 minutes to, or with, an adult

Wednesday- ST math for 20 minutes or 20 puzzles

Thursday- Read for 20 minutes to, or with, an adult


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday students should read for 20 minutes with a parent or older sibling.   Although it is fun to read to a younger sibling, please have their Reading Homework be done with a parent or older sibling so help and feedback can be provided.  

On these nights it is okay to do Snap Word practice  for 10 minutes and then read for 10 minutes.  Mastering the Kindergarten and First Grade Snap Words will help your child read better!  

ST Math

Students should complete 20 minutes OR 20 puzzles on Wednesday nights. 


Chromebooks will be sent home on Wednesday and Friday nights.

Please be sure to charge them and return them to school.