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Shauna DeRosa's Classroom: At Home Learning Day

At Home Learning Day

Your child can do these activities at their own pace, on their own schedule.  There will not be a check-in from me. Please return the packet after the break. Have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the break!


  • Read for 10 minutes.  Use Raz Kids or books from home! Read to yourself or to someone.  

  • Read the scholastic news, Who’s That Bird.  Try your best! There may be some tricky words that someone at home can help you with!

Word Study

  • Circle all the trick words in the scholastic news and underline all the digraphs. 


  • Log into the classroom website and click on the link for the turkey directed drawing. Do the directed drawing and remember NO ERASING! Just try your best, it will look great!

  • Label the beak, wings, wattle, and feathers.


  • Do 15 minutes of ST Math

  • Do the Happy Thanksgiving subtract and color paper

Turkey Directed Drawing

Scholastic News