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Kristin Mashoke's Classroom: Homework


Hi first grade families, this year for homework we are giving you a suggested schedule for the week. At the beginning of the month, we will send home a log to track your reading and ST Math. Feel free to change the schedule based on what works best for your families, it does not matter which day your child does the homework assignments.

If your child is looking for more to work on they are more than welcome to practice their snap words or do some type of writing (write a list, write a letter, write a story.)



Check below for nightly homework

Monday: Read a book on RAZ-Kids or from home and talk to someone at home about what you read.  Then complete your reading log.


Tuesday: ST Math Assignments for 20 minutes. Check number of puzzles and complete your math log.


Wednesday: Read a book on RAZ-Kids or from home. As you read, if you come to a hard and tricky word look at the Good Word Solving chart in your homework folder to help you. Write down one of the tricky words you solved on your word solving log. 


Thursday: Typing Agent Climb your mountain for 20 minutes.


Friday: Go outside and play!  ST Math, Typing Agent and Raz-Kids are available for you to use over the weekend, if you wish.  

Bonus Work:

Done with Homework?

If you are finished with homework but your child is still wanting to do more here are a few BONUS options. 

Writing Options:

- Make a grocery list

- Make a holiday list

- Write someone a letter

- Write a story

Practice SNAP Words:

Click HERE!