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Kristin Mashoke's Classroom: Here's what we are working on...


We are currently working on...


Unit 4:  Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons: A Study of Story Elements

The last unit of first grade spotlights story elements and the skills that are foundational to literal and inferential comprehension, including empathy, character study, and interpretation.



Unit 4:  From Scenes to Series: Writing Fiction

In the final unit of the Grade 1 series, students learn to “show, not tell” and use action, dialogue, and feelings to create a whole series of fiction books modeled after Henry and Mudge.


Word Work:  

Unit 5:  Marvelous Bloopers: Learning Through Wise Mistakes

This last unit focuses on r-controlled vowels, high frequency words, and capitalization.  


Module 6:  

This last module focuses on place value, comparisons of word problems, and addition and subtraction up to 100.