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Mrs. Soucy's K and 1 Art Class: Kindergarten


Welcome to Art


Meet your art teacher

What to put in your video?

Use Screencastify to record a welcome video.

I’d use the following outline for your video:

  1. Say hi and clearly state your name and where you teach (which buildings)
  2. Tell the students why you love Music or Art
  3. Tell the students an (appropriate) fun fact about yourself
  4. Say one or two sentences about what you’re hoping they learn this year
  5. Say you’ll see them in class!

How to add your video to your site:

  1. Copy the embed code from screencastify to add the video (this is on the right hand menu next to your recorded screencastify video)
  2. Click Add/ reorder (At bottom of box)
  3. Select Media/ Widget
  4. Paste the embed code into the box for Embed Code

Once your video is embedded, delete this text box

What we're doing in class


  1. Each week, add a sentence to the top of this box (so the top information is more current) to describe what you’re doing in K and Grade 1 Classes. For example, I might write: “September 2-11: Welcome to Music! Both K and 1 classes will engage in get to know games and learn a hand clapping game.”
  2. Update this information each week with the next week’s overview.