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Jamie Aponas' Classroom: Remote Day 2/16


Good morning, Team 1! 

Today is a remote day because the roads are too icy.  You have school work today to do from home. All of your work is listed below in the boxes.  Make sure you complete all of the work, including watching the videos by 2:45. 

Here is a schedule for the day:

8:45- Zoom with Miss Aponas, Mrs. C, and Team 1. We will go over the schedule for the day.

9:00-11:30-Complete your Math, Reading/Phonics lessons. You will have time to finish these assignments in the afternoon.

11:30-12:05 Lunch/Recess

12:10-Zoom with Miss Aponas, Mrs. C, and Team 1 to check in and explain the next assignment (no guidance today)

12:20-1:00-Watch the video and complete the assignment (details in the box below)

1:00-2:45  Have a snack

                Complete 30 minutes of ST Math and complete any work you didn't do this morning 

                       Remember, if you finish early you can always do extra time on Raz-Kids, Pebble Go,

                Typing Agent or ST Math, but don't forget to take breaks from the computer as well

                 and relax.  

                Make sure your work is done by 2:45 

2:45- Zoom with Miss Aponas, Mrs. C, and Team 1.

               We will do a check in-What went well? What was challenging? What did you learn?

You DO NOT need to Zoom with me all day.  Just 3 times (8:45, 12:10, 2:45).  However, I will have my Zoom on and open all day if you need me. I will turn my screen and microphone off.  If you need me just log onto Zoom and I will meet with you and answer any questions you have.

Try your best and take responsibility of your learning. Have a great day, Team 1 STARs!

~Miss Aponas

Math Work

1.) Click on the link below to watch the math video. Follow along with the teacher and do what she tells you to do. You will need a white board or paper and pencil. Make sure to be in learning mode!

2.) Go on Zearn and complete Module 4 Lesson 4. If you are not there yet then work through all the lessons until you have completed Module 4 Lesson 4. Do not complete Module 4 Lesson 5.Stop at Module 4 Lesson 5.

3.) Go on to ST Math for 30 minutes. Work towards getting 100 puzzles by Friday. Don't give up-persevere!

Reading/Phonics Work

1.) Click on the Phonics video below to learn how to read all the way across a word. At the end, Miss Katerina will ask you to take out your own writing. We will do this in school tomorrow. 

2.) Watch the second Phonics video for more practice!

3.) Read for 20 minutes on RAZ Kids, PebbleGo, or a book at home. Remember to be a reading boss! Make sure to read all the way across a word like you just learned in Phonics.

Assignment (No Guidance)

1.) Learn about Presidents' Day on PebbleGo.  The username and password for PebbleGo is on my main page ( under databases and passwords.

2.) On a piece of paper, that you have at home, write down at least two facts you learned about Presidents' Day. Draw a picture to go with your writing. Bring this paper to school tomorrow and be prepared to share what you learned.