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Jamie Aponas' Classroom: Remote Day 3/1


Below is the schedule for the day. Remember to take responsibility of your learning today. You got this, Team 1!

See you at 9:00!

9:00~Log on to Zoom for Morning Meeting

9:00-9:15~Morning Meeting

We will discuss how February vacation went and discuss expectations for today. 

9:15-9:40~Intervention on your own

-No Zoom

Go on any library database

(see the library database sheet that was sent home with usernames and passwords).

9:45~Log on to Zoom for Math

9:45~10:45 Math

We will watch the math video together and then you will complete the problem set. 

Make sure you have your problem set, exit ticket, and a blank white piece of paper with a pencil.

10:45-11:00 Stay on Zoom from math and we will transition to Readers

11:00-11:30 Readers

We will do a share from math and then transition to readers. 

You will listen to a read aloud and then you will read a book that you have at home or on any of the library databases while practicing the skill that was taught. 

11:30-12:15~Lunch/Recess on your own

-No Zoom

Eat lunch. Take a break. 

12:20-1:00~Log on to Zoom for Special

We have Music today. 

1:05-1:15~Snack on your own

-No Zoom

Snack on your own. Take a bathroom break.

1:15~Log on to Zoom for Phonics

1:15-1:45 Phonics 

We will watch the Phonics video together and practice the skill that was taught.

Make sure to have a blank white piece of paper and a pencil. 

1:45-2:20~Stay on Zoom for Writing


You will write a story about what you did over February vacation. 

Make sure you have your blank writing booklet and a pencil. 

2:20-2:45~ST Math on your own

-No Zoom

Go on ST Math. Work towards your 100 puzzles for the week.

2:50~Day is over 

-No Zoom

Way to be a responsible and respectful first grader. I am so proud of you! See you tomorrow in school! 

Make sure to bring your work that was completed today to school tomorrow in your take-home folder. 

Also remember to bring your collection to school tomorrow.