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Jamie Aponas' Classroom: Remote Day 3/12

Remote Day Schedule

Remote Schedule for today. Please see the boxes below with links and more detailed instructions for your assignments.  

This schedule is to help organize the work for the day, but it is flexible. Do what works for you.

9:00-9:30am:  Morning Worksheet (if you finish early check out any library databases and read/watch, learn)

9:30-10:30am:  Math (See the Math box below)

10:30-11:30am:  Reading and Writing (See the Reading/Writing box below)

11:30-12:30pm:  Lunch and Recess 

12:30-1:00pm Typing Agent 

1:00-1:45pm: Nature Walk (See the Nature Walk box below)

1:45-2:00pm Snack 

2:00-2:40pm:  ST Math 

2:40pm: End of Day 

No homework today! 

Use ST Math, Typing Agent or Raz-Kids over the weekend if you wish.  

Get outside and play! 

Try your best and take responsibility of your learning. Have a great day, Team 1 STARs!

~Miss Aponas


1.) Go on Zearn and complete Module 4 Lesson 16. If you are not there yet then work through all the lessons until you have completed Module 4 Lesson 16. Do not complete Module 4 Lesson 17.Stop at Module 4 Lesson 17.

2.) Click on the link below to watch the math video. Follow along with the teacher and do what she tells you to do. You will need a white board or paper and pencil. Make sure to be in learning mode!

3.) Go on to ST Math for 30 minutes. Work towards getting 100 puzzles by Friday. Don't give up-persevere! 


1.) Click on the Read Aloud link below and listen to the story. As you listen and watch think about what is happening in the story.  

3.) Complete the Reading Response after listening to the book. Remember, you can retell the story, tell your favorite part, talk about the lesson the characters learned or tell what you learned from the book.  Make a detailed, realistic picture to go with your writing.  

Here are some sentence starters that you can use:

My favorite part was...

The lesson of the story was...

The important parts of the story was...

Don't forget to stretch out your sounds, write at least two sentences, and that you have punctuation and the correct upper and lowercase letters.

4.) When you are done with your reading response, practice reading on your own.  

You may use books from home or read on Raz-Kids to practice reading like a READING STAR!

Nature Hunt

1.) Go outside and go on a nature walk. Find a collection of 3-5 items.  The items could be leaves, rocks, pebbles, sticks, flowers...something you find outside.

2.) Once you have your items put them in a line and tell someone at home which is your favorite.  Give 5 reasons (use your fingers to help you) why you have this opinion.  Ask that same person which is their favorite in your collection and ask them to give you 5 reasons why as well.  Have fun!