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Kristen Caredeo's Classroom: Remote Work 1/24-1/28/22

Remote Work 1/24-1/28/22

Please see below for the links and directions for missing work if your child is out for the week. 

Please continue to utilize St Math, Typing Agent, Reading A to Z and Zearn.  If your child wishes to do extra time with these online resources that is GREAT!  

Please reach out with any questions/issues.  

Thank you!


Click on the link below to watch the reading video, then log onto Reading A-Z each day and read for at least 20 minutes.  If there is no video for the day, just log onto Reading A-Z and read for 20 minutes.  Remember all of your good reading habits we have been learning and practicing in class. Try to pick Nonfiction books.  If you would like to log onto Pebble Go to read Nonfiction, that would be a good choice.

If you need a password and username to watch the videos, both are:   salem

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are celebration and read aloud days.  There are no videos for these days, so please use Reading A to Z to continue practicing reading nonfiction texts.  


Click on the link below to watch the phonics video for each day.  You should follow along with the videos. You may need blank paper and a pencil or a whiteboard and marker from home.

If you need a username and password to watch the videos, both are:  salem

Friday:  Review phonics lessons from the week 


Complete the Zearn lessons below.  Mrs. Caredeo is teaching those lessons this week.  If you complete the Zearn lessons you will have a better understanding of the math the class is doing when you return to school.

Monday:  Complete Zearn lesson Mission 3 Lesson 10.

Tuesday: Complete Zearn lesson Mission 3 Lesson 11.

Wednesday: Complete Zearn lesson Mission 3 Lesson 12.

Thursday: Complete Zearn lesson Mission 3 Lesson 13.

Friday:  This is the end of Mission 3, we are testing today in class.  You can make this up when you get back to school.  Use this time to catch up on any Zearn lessons you are behind on or continue with ST Math.  

If you are behind on your Zearn lessons, you need to complete more to catch up.  

Log onto ST Math twice this week and work for 30 minutes.  Your goal is to complete 100 puzzles this week.  


We are starting a new unit this week in writing: Opinion Writing.  When we write this way, we want to say our opinion (our thoughts/feelings about something) and list reasons why we think/feel this way. 

For example, I could say, "In my opinion, pizza is better than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I think this because you can add lots of toppings to your pizza and you can't do that to your sandwich.  I also like pizza better because it has lots of cheese on it and I love cheese more than peanut butter!" 

You also might try to convince other people to agree with what you are saying by listing your reasons.  When you try and convince someone, you are trying to get them to have the same thoughts/feelings that you do about something.  

Using your collection from home (ask someone at home to help you get your collection together if you don't have one yet), start planning out your opinion and your reasons why you think/feel the way you do.  Pick your favorite piece in your collection and use reasons to explain why that is your favorite.  You can use some paper from home to make a book and on each page write one reason why you have the opinion that you do.  Start sketching first so you don't forget your ideas, then add your writing.  

Work on this book a little bit each day.  Remember to:

  1. Start by sketching your ideas on each page 
  2. State your opinion
  3. Give lots of reasons why you have that opinion
  4. Use ending punctuation
  5. Use capitals to start your sentences or for names 
  6. Use spaces when you write words 
  7. Reread your words to make sure they make sense to you and to a reader