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Tara Devine's Classroom: Remote Work for Absent Students January 18-21

Team 3

Below is the work that you need to complete for school this week if you are unable to attend school in person. 

Math Work

Complete the Zearn lessons below.  Mrs. Devine is teaching those lessons this week.  If you complete the Zearn lessons you will have a better understanding of the math the class is doing when you return to school.

Monday:  No school

Tuesday: Complete Zearn lesson Module 3 Lesson 6.

Wednesday: Complete Zearn lesson Module 3 Lesson 7.

Thursday: Complete Zearn lesson Module 3 Lesson 8.

Friday:  Complete Zearn lesson Module 3 Lesson 9.

If you are behind on your Zearn lessons, you need to complete more to catch up!


Log onto ST Math every day and complete at least two levels.

Working on Nonfiction writing

Work on your writing at home.  Begin a new nonfiction text on some paper you have at your house.

  • Think of something you know a lot about or are an expert on.
  • Think of some possible chapters to include in your book.
  • Write one chapter at a time.  You should have many sentences that tell about each chapter.
  • Include pictures with labels.
  • Go back and check to make sure you have taught your reader some important information about your topic. 


Reading Work

Watch the reading video, then log onto Reading A-Z each day and read for at least 20 minutes.  If there is no video for the day, just log onto Reading A-Z and read for 20 minutes.  Remember all of your good reading habits we have been learning and practicing in class. Try to pick Nonfiction books.  If you would like to log onto Pebble Go to read Nonfiction, that would be a good choice.


If you need a password and username to watch the videos- both are:   Salem

Phonics Work

Watch the phonics videos posted for that day.  You should follow along with the videos. You may need blank paper and a pencil.


If you need a username and password to watch the videos, both are:  Salem