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Brittany Boraczek's Classroom: Team 4 Kindergarten Pictures


Welcome to School!

We found our seat spots!

We are coloring!

Madison is working so hard!

More friends in their seat spots!

We can take our masks off at our table spots!

The kids did amazing at lunch!

We love the cafeteria!

We made this teamwork tower!

In Team 4 we are better when we work together!

Photo Descriptions

  • The students came in, hung up their backpacks, and found their seat spots! When we are behind our shields, we can take off our masks! 
  • The new Team 4 friends LOVED having lunch in our big cafeteria! They did a great job!
  • We made a teamwork tower and realized how much better we are when we are together! We began with one block and each student got to add another anywhere they wanted! We learned that everyone has different ideas and that when unexpected things happen (spoiler alert- the tower fell a bunch before we realized we had to change how we balanced some blocks!) we can problem solve together! In Team 4 we always work together and try our very best! They were very proud of our teamwork tower! So fun!!