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Brittany Boraczek's Classroom: Curriculum Highlights

Reader's Workshop

Unit 2: Super Powers

Writer's Workshop

Unit 2: Writing for Readers


This unit begins by teaching students how to write true stories that readers REALLY want to read and drawing stories for readers. The ultimate goal of this unit is to challenge the writers to not only tell the true stories of their lives, but to do so through writing that is easy for others to read.

Early on in this unit, the children are encouraged to draw on all that they knew about writing stories, reviewing old anchor charts on writing true stories. They also will learn about planning out their stories, using their hands and blank pages, before actually beginning to write their words.

As we continue on with our unit, students will be given additional writing tools to make their writing more powerful and even clearer for their readers. They will use checklists, vowel charts, and personal word walls. They will also be introduced to the power of partnerships as they aim to make their writing clearer.

For the remainder of the unit, students will begin using revision as a way to make their writing easier to read for their audience. They will use their partners to support this work.  


Unit 2: Word Scientists


Module 2: 2D and 3D Shapes