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Ashley O'Neill's Classroom: Independent Learning Day 11/23/2022

"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud"


Students will be bringing home a folder with all necessary items to complete their assignments for the independent learning day on Wednesday 11/23. Links and some documents can also be found below. Teachers will be in trainings all day, and will not be available to students. Students should return folders with all completed work on Monday 11/28. Also, please see links below for unified arts lessons. Thanks! 


My Independent Learning Day Checklist


Name: __________________________________ Date: ______________


Check when you complete an assignment! 

  • Read Scholastic News: “Who’s That Bird?” (Article in folder)

  • Complete Fact Sheet

  • ST Math 20 Minutes

  • Puzzle Check In Sheet 

  • BrainPop Jr. “Silent e” 

  • Science Home Investigation



ST Math

ST Math Puzzle Sheet

Brain Pop Jr.

Science Home Investigation