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Kristen Dacey's Classroom: Learning Tools 2022

Welcome to Our Learning Page

Welcome to our first grade learning overview and resources page!

Below you can find what we are working on in school, and resources to support learning at home!

Reading Word Detectives Unit

Unit: Word Detectives

In this unit, your child will learn and build upon the good word solving strategies developed and practiced in unit 1 and unit 2. The children learn that word detectives use all that they know to solve tricky words. They also do a slow check to make sure they solved the "mystery". This unit focuses on developing strategies for high frequency words and decoding. 

We did bend 1 (part 1) of this unit between unit 1 (Building Good Habits-fiction) and unit 2 (Getting Super Smart about Nonfiction), and will now finish the last 2 bends, or parts, of this unit after winter break before we move on to unit 3 (Readers have BIG Jobs to Do). This unit was broken up to best support student skill development.

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Word Study Unit 3 and Writing Unit 3

Word Study: Unit 3: From Tip to Tail 

In this unit, students learn how to look carefully all the way through a word to read it. Students learn about common word endings (ed, ing, er, s), the tricky letter y, and how to spell words part by part.  This unit builds upon previous learning. Throughout the unit we will be introducing new snap words that are essential for reading mastery, as well as exploring contractions.  


Writing: Unit 3: Writing Reviews


In this unit, students learn how to write reviews! The unit begins by asking children to examine and make opinions about a personal collection. The students will learn how to sort, rank, categorize, explain, and convince a reader of their opinion! As we expand on this genre of writing, the children learn to write reviews of places and things they love! The students build upon previous writing skills, and are pushed to write more using the word "because" to add details and explanations.  In this unit, students learn how to structure their reviews using an introduction to share their claim and a conclusion. 

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Ways to Practice Words



Roll playdoh into long "snakes" and bend

the playdoh to form letters


Shaving Cream:

Spray and smooth shaving cream on a table, tray,

or cookie sheet. Use your finger to write letters


Flour or Salt:

Spread out flour or salt on a table, tray,

or cookie sheet.

Use your finger to write letters



Paint words on paper


Invisible Letters:

Write a sight word on white paper with a white crayon.

Paint over the word with watercolor paints.


Flashlight Sight Words - The Activity Mom | Preschool sight words, Sight  word fun, Sight words

Flashlight Sight words:

Write words on paper or index cards and tape them to the wall or ceiling.

Turn off the lights and use a flashlight to practice reading the words. 

Math Module 2

Module 2: Introduction to place value through addition and subtraction within 20

In this unit, we will learn how to add and subtract within 20.   In Module 1, students were encouraged to move beyond the Level 1 strategy of counting all to the more efficient counting on.  Now, they go beyond Level 2 to learn Level 3 decomposition and composition strategies, informally called make ten or take from ten.  

In first grade, children need to become fluent adding and subtracting numbers within 10! In order to succeed in unit 2, children need to have a secure knowledge of the combinations that make a 10.

Eureka Math Parent Tip Sheets

Tip Sheet 1: Make a 10

Tip Sheet 2: Take from 10

Tip Sheet 3: Solve Expressions & Understand the Equal Sign

Tip Sheet 4: Learn about a unit called "ten"


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