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Christine Augusta's Classroom: We Are Learners

Cultural Expectations




Click on the link below for an introduction to our new READING unit.....Super Powers!

Super Powers Reading Unit, Introduction for Families     


SNAP Words! (High Frequency Words)

It's never too early to start learning SNAP words!  Children don't need to know the names of all letters and their sounds before learning high-frequency words.  We want children to read these words in a SNAP not to sound them out.  SNAP word readers just look at the word and can read it quickly!   So if your child can recognize their name in a SNAP or other words they see frequently.... they are ready for SNAP words!

  • Try just making 3  flashcards: one card with your child's name and then on the other two cards use the words me and  the
  • Once your child can read those three words in a SNAP add two new words!
  • Any time you see those words...... they are all around sure to get very excited and point them out to your child.  In no time at all, the words...."Hey that's one of our SNAP words!" will be ringing through your house, through stores, through books etc!!

Songs and Poems

Phonics & Word Study

Making Friends with Letters!


Words and letters are different! 

We need letters to make words!

The letters need to be in their special order to make a word!

Each letter of our alphabet has a name, a sound and has an uppercase & a lowercase!

Both the uppercase and lowercase have the same name and make the same sound!

Some uppercase and lowercase letters look the same (Ss) and others look different (Qq)!

Vowels are really special letters! Every word needs at least one vowel!


   We are Writers!   

Writers use pictures and words!

Writers think...what  do I know a lot about? 

They use all they know so they can add more to their pictures and writing!

Writers are the boss of their own writing!




Numbers  to 10!

Practice number writing at home!

Below is a great review lesson on our  work with numbers 1 - 5!  Check it out!

At the end of the lesson, your teacher will ask you to complete an EXIT Ticket, this is optional!  If you choose to complete the task you can use a piece of paper or a whiteboard should you have one at home.  Have fun!

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