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Christine Augusta's Classroom: We Are Learners

November 1, 2020

Cultural Expectations



Avid Readers...

love reading so much!

Ways to support your child's reading development!

  • Have conversations with your child about various topics
  • Read Alouds: reading to your child and talking about the book
  • Provide opportunities for your child to handle books, turn the pages
  • Read words, both familiar and new, that are all around you (i.e. the word "STOP" on a road sign, the word "milk" on a container, the word "play" on a controller)

Your child may....

  • Look at pictures and talk about them
  • Pretend reading by using the pictures and/ or prior knowledge of the book 
  • Memorize a favorite book and "read" it to you
  • Shared reading: as you read, your child can help by reading the words they know
  • Traditional reading: be sure to give them an opportunity to talk about their reading with you

Celebrate all your child's reading experiences!


Click  on 

You may be prompted for Teacher Username:  caugusta

Now enter your child's two-picture picture code.

Happy Reading!


SNAP Words! (High Frequency Words)

 SNAP Words (also know as High-Frequency words or Sight words) are words we want our kindergarteners to know in a "SNAP"!

  • Try just making 3  flashcards: one card with your child's name and then on the other two cards use the words me and  the
  • Once your child can read those three words in a SNAP, add two new words!
  • Any time you see those words...... they are all around sure to get very excited and point them out to your child.  In no time at all, the words...."Hey that's one of our SNAP words!" will be ringing through your house, through stores, through books etc!!

SNAP Words that have been introduced!

at  look  see  here  is  this  an  in  it  and  dad  house  mom  park

can, to, do, we, be, got, was, went, she, he 

how,  you,  am,  did,  on,  up,  fun,  get,  day,  play,  say,  for  

come, are, love, too, all, ball, had, will, go, so, no, by, has, as, her, him

 boy, cat, dog, friend, girl, man, ran, sat, sit

Phonics & Word Study

We will continue to grow our bank of Kindergarten SNAP Words!

Writing  CVC  Words!


consonant  vowel  consonant

Choose a picture.  Write the word.  





We use the language below to talk about how letters are formed.

Big Line, Big Curve, Little Line, Little Curve



We have learned how to form all of the CAPITAL LETTERS!



Numbers 10–20 and Counting to 100

REMINDER: Under the practice tab there are some YouTube videos I've viewed and selected to reinforce our learning at school. Once the video is over YouTube offers other video options.  Those videos we do not use in school.  Be sure to always monitor your child when they are on their Chromebooks.  Thank you!

Practice number writing at home!

Problem Set!

The Problem Set portion of a math lesson gives students the opportunity to practice what was taught during the lesson.  Not all students will complete the entire Problem Set during the time we have available in school.  Students are welcomed to complete a Problem Set at home for continued practice. This is only an opportunity, not an expectation.  They do not need to be returned to school.