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Charlene Petty's Classroom: Online Resources

We are Learners

Please visit our Soule School Library page seen here to view all usernames & passwords for the educational sites listed below!

Literacy Enrichment

Remote Learning at Home

If your child is to be out of school for even just a day or for extended time, they can access this learning page from home to stay connected to what we are learning in our Kindergarten classroom! 

Daily Remote Learning Task Checklist:


  • Read, read, READ every day!
  • Read online books on RAZ- Kids (found under the ‘Online Resources’ tab on my website
  • Don’t forget to use your super powers- pointer power, reread power, picture power, snap word power, and sound power!

Writing: (Please spend about 20 minutes working on your writing per day)

  • TRUE Story Writing/ Journal Writing:
    • Tell me all about your weekend! Do not forget to write a snap word sentence to go along with your picture.
    • TRUE Narrative Story Writing books using SNAP WORDS and PATTERNS.

      • Choose a small moment (Examples--going to Target, visiting Grandma, cleaning your room, making a pizza, etc.) that you have already lived & experienced! Write a 3-page narrative book about that topic, being sure to tell  WHO was there, WHERE you were, and WHAT you were doing! Be sure to tell your story across your fingers (beginning, middle, and end) before you begin writing!
      • Be mindful of sentence conventions, including using mostly lowercase letters, spaces between words, neat handwriting, and end of sentence punctuation.

Word Study:

  • Letters/ Sounds Practice:
    • Practice reading your ABC chart!
    • Letter- picture- sound (i.e. A-apple-/a/)

  • Snap Word Practice:
    • Practice reading and writing some words from our snap word list.

  • Both documents are located on our “Online Resources” page on our classroom website


  • Go on ST Math each day. 

Literacy Charts

Math Enrichment

Songs & Poems

Word Study Practice


Kindergarten high frequency words are words that the students will be learning to read in a SNAP! These words are seen and heard often in books. The more practice with these words, the better! How can you incorporate these words into your daily routine at home? Point them out as your read with your child, write a couple each day, make flashcards together, tape them to your refrigerator or bedroom closet door...have fun with it! Playful engagement is key for learning & practice! 

Here are the SNAP words we are currently working on...