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Alexa Splagounias' Classroom: Homework


Homework 2022-2023

Reading: A monthly reading calendar will come home at the beginning of the month! Each time your child reads or you read to your child for 15 minutes please initial one space on the reading chart.  The goal is for your child to read or be read to 12 or more times during the month.  Your child should return his/her monthly chart at the end of the month. All students who meet their goal will enjoy a lunch bunch with the teacher!

This month's calendar is due:Tuesday, March 28th!

Math: A math worksheet will come home on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Please complete and return the worksheet the next day.  Math homework should be completed in PENCIL.  The math worksheet will relate to skills being practiced at school. Parents may reference "Tip Sheets" on this webpage for information about current math learning.


Optional Practice Ideas: 

  1. Practice kindergarten and first grade snapwords
  2. Use STMath
  3. Use Typing Agent

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