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Alexa Splagounias' Classroom: Learning Tools 2022

Welcome to Our Learning Page

Welcome to our first grade learning overview and resources page!

Below you can find what we are working on in school, and resources to support learning at home!

Reading Unit 4

Unit 4: Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons!

In this unit, your child will learn more about story elements! The children explore critical story elements by going on adventures with the characters they read about! Students learn how to note and notice setting, make predictions, and how to track and retell the plot of a story. They zoom in to study both main and supporting characters, and to notice characters and their feelings change. The unit comes to a close by learning about the lessons, or morales we can learn from characters.

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Word Study Unit 4 and Writing Unit 4

Word Study: Unit 4: Word Builders- Using Vowel Teams to Build Big Words

In this unit, students learn how to be word builders!  They learn that some words have long vowel sounds represented by a vowel team, one vowel team can represent more than 1 sound, and that multiple vowel teams can sometimes represent the same sound.  The students work with hands on tools, letter cubes, to actually build words using various word parts. 


Writing: Unit 4: From Scenes to Series: Writing Fiction

In this unit, students learn how to write fiction! The unit begins by asking children to develop a character, and then write several books about that character. The students build off their understanding of personal narrative to write realistic fiction by using their imagination. The unit also challenges the students to keep elements the same across the series while further developing the role of setting, character, and plot.  Additionally, this unit introduces the role of dialogue, showing not telling with our word choice, and pushes the students to write chapters within their stories.  Students strengthen their writing by studying familiar series that we have read!

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Ways to Practice Words



Roll playdoh into long "snakes" and bend

the playdoh to form letters


Shaving Cream:

Spray and smooth shaving cream on a table, tray,

or cookie sheet. Use your finger to write letters


Flour or Salt:

Spread out flour or salt on a table, tray,

or cookie sheet.

Use your finger to write letters



Paint words on paper


Invisible Letters:

Write a sight word on white paper with a white crayon.

Paint over the word with watercolor paints.


Flashlight Sight Words - The Activity Mom | Preschool sight words, Sight  word fun, Sight words

Flashlight Sight words:

Write words on paper or index cards and tape them to the wall or ceiling.

Turn off the lights and use a flashlight to practice reading the words. 

Math Module 4

Module 3: Ordering and Comparing Length Measurements as Numbers

In this unit, students will extend their kindergarten learning of direct measurement by learning about indirect comparison.  This is when the length of one object is used to compare the lengths of 2 other objects. For instance, students will use a piece of string to measure a shoe and a desk.  Students will realize that the shoe is shorter than the string and the desk is longer than the string, so the shoe is shorter than the desk.  Students will also learn about measuring with similar units, all paperclips or all cubes, and begin measuring with a standard unit, the centimeter.  The module ends by exploring data. Students will learn how to represent and analyze data using tally marks, graphs, and data charts.