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Alexa Splagounias' Classroom: November 23, 2022: Independent Learning Day

Weekly Lessons

Independent Learning Day: Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Hi First Grade!!! This is our Independent Learning Page! Please complete the activities below. Click on each tab to see the directions.  Your work is also listed on the checklist that came home in your folder. Work hard and try your best! We cannot wait to see your disguised turkeys! 

Love, Miss Cuddy, Miss Dacey, & Miss Splagounias


  1. Watch the story "Turkey Trouble" . Click the link, or watch the video below!
  2. Color or decorate your Turkey Template to give your turkey a disguise! Be creative! Please help him hide so he doesn't get eaten! You can use crayons or craft supplies. 




1. Do STmath for 20 minutes (20 min)

2. Work on your mystery math paper. Solve the problems, and color the picture based on the code at the bottom.  


3. Put your math paper in your folder

Today you have some special ART work to do for Mrs. Lineberry!

Free Free Painting Cliparts, Download Free Free Painting Cliparts png  images, Free ClipArts on Clipart Library



A BAD CASE OF STRIPES: Watch/listen to this read aloud then do a drawing of yourself with a “BAD CASE OF STRIPES” like the main character in the story. Draw a portrait of yourself in pencil then decorate your skin with a fun design. The design could be stripes, polka dots, camouflage, checkers, etc. Finally color your fun creation with any art supplies you have. Enjoy.   (right click and open hyperlink) 

*Important Note: Students do not need to email their art teacher their artwork or bring it back into school. Enjoy the book and drawing activity!