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Ashley Hildebrandt's Classroom: Curriculum & Assessments


In our first module, students are learning about multiplication and division using units of 2-5 and 10. At the beginning of the module, students learn how to use skip-counting and arrays to solve and model both types of problems. Later in the module, students will advance their strategies and use tape diagrams to represent multiplication and division. During this first module, it is important for students to understand the concept of factors. Specifically, how one factor represents the number of groups and one factor represents the size of the group. This learning will culminate at the end of the module by solving multi-step word problems.


Our first reading unit is called Building a Reading Life. In this unit, students will learn and discuss the importance of creating positive reading habits. As a class, we will read Stone Fox and work on our reading comprehension skills. Students will apply these new skills during their independent reading time in school. Students are encouraged to read at home nightly for 20 minutes.

Word Study

We have recently studied spelling patterns, and focused on recognizing words with blends (2-3 consonant letters) at the beginning or end of the word. We are going to shift our learning to study word solving actions. This will involve looking for parts of words we know in order to understand how to read the whole word.


Our first writing unit focuses on writing personal narratives. Students will learn strategies on how to develop and craft true stories from their own lives. We will be using Google Classroom to brainstorm and write our narratives, so please ask your child to share with you on our journey as we become enticing storytellers!

Typing Agent

We have officially started Typing Agent! Please encourage your child to use/practice appropriate hand positioning on the keyboard.