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Teresa Schott's Classroom: Homework


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Chromebook Care

Chromebook Care

Computer ResponsibilityChrome Book Clipart Royalty Free Library - Google Chromebook Clipart PNG  Image | Transparent PNG Free Download on SeekPNG

  • Computer Responsibility

  • Keep food and liquid away from the Chromebook.

  • Keep the surface clean - no stickers or drawings.

  • Don’t place anything on top of the Chromebook and don’t put pressure on the lid - the screen is fragile.

  • To prevent the spread of germs, don’t share Chromebooks.

  • The provided case should always be used when transporting the device.

  • Make sure the Chromebook is kept safe when in public spaces.  Don’t leave the Chromebook in a car or outside.

  • The Chromebook should be brought to school fully charged each day if the Chromebooks are going home.

  • Notify a parent/guardian (if at home) or a teacher/school staff member (if at school) immediately if the Chromebook is damaged.

Online Responsibility & Respect

  • Be a good digital citizen.  Make responsible, safe, and common sense choices when using the Chromebook and going online.

  • Use school-appropriate language and images, and only visit appropriate sites.  There is always a record of what is created, edited, sent, received, watched, and sites visited, and all actions can be reviewed.

  • Guiding Rules - Anything you feel you need to hide from a parent or teacher should not be created, accessed, or reproduced.  You should treat everything you do on the computer as if it was public.

  • Treat others with respect when in person and when online.

  • Represent yourself honestly and never pretend to be another student.

  • Cyberbullying will not be tolerated, as stated in the Technology Responsible Use Policy all students and staff sign.  For complete details, a digital copy is located on the Salem School District Website -

  • Credit/cite sources for projects, use school library resources, and follow copyright laws for images, music, videos, and illustrations used for school work.

Common Fixes for Slow Computers 

  • The more tabs and applications open, the slower things run.  Only keep open what you need.

  • Try reloading/refreshing the page.

  • Close out of all applications and restart the computer.

  • If at home, the number of people online at once will slow performance.

  • Make sure you are close to the WiFi / Router in your home.