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Suzanne St. Laurent's Classroom: Homework


20 PUZZLES of ST Math.  Please find a spot where you can focus. 


Library tomorrow. Please remember to bring in your books.

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Google Classroom Assignment: Sign in to Google Classroom and check under the HOMEWORK category for your assignment.  Be sure to turn in your assignment when it is complete.


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20 PUZZLES of ST Math.  Please find a spot where you can focus.  


PE tomorrow: wear appropriate shoes and clothing.

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Set a timer for 20 minutes and read. 

Share some tricky words that you read and the strategies you used to figure them out with a family member.

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Have a great weekend!

Return signed update on Monday.

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Remember to dress appropriately for PE on Thursdays.

Bring a clean mask and water bottle each day and bring it back home.

Bring Library books to school every Tuesday.

Computer should be charged each night and brought to school each day.

Home/school folder goes back and forth each day.

dont forget