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Suzanne St. Laurent's Classroom: Google Classroom Help

Watch the 3 videos below to learn more about Google Classroom navigation including:

  • How to find and open assignments
  • use the comment features of Classroom
  • Turn in
  • How to use View your work to locate missing assignments

1. Navigating Google Classroom

Watch the video to learn how to:
  • Locate assignments
  • Search by topic
  • View your work: See all assignments that are due, missing or turned in on one page

3. View Your Work: Find Missing Assignments and Teacher Comments

Do I have missing assignments? Use the shortcut to View your work.
Watch the video to learn how to:
  • Locate missing or returned assignments
  • Quickly see if your teacher added a comment to the assignment
  • Turn in missing work 

2. Open and Turn In Assigment

Now that you have found your assignment, now what? 
Watch the video to learn about:
  • Open an assignment
  • Class comments vs. Private comment
  • Turn in or Mark as done