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Suzanne St. Laurent's Classroom: Zoom Expectations

Zoom Sessions on Snow Remote Days

Classroom Zoom Sessions 

9:30am - Opening Morning Meeting with Classroom Teacher 

  • Approximately 30 minutes in length

  • Peace Circle and Game

  •  I will provide an outline of independent work for the day, take attendance

12:30 pm - Midday Check in with Classroom Teacher

  • Approximately 30 minutes in length

  • Check in on morning work, answer questions about independent work

  • Address any timely instructional needs.

Zoom Expectations

-Log on to Zoom using the link from our class website and password. You can also use the link in Google Classroom.

-Be sure to "frame up!" Be sure to sit at a desk or table when on Zoom.

-Always keep your video on so you can be present and ready to learn.

-Mute your microphone so others can speak and hear clearly.

-Be in a good working spot to focus (kitchen table, desk, study nook). Set up that space now so you will be ready in case we go remote.

-Be dressed as though you are ready for school. 

-Turn off other devices/distractions.

-Have class materials readily accessible (paper, pencils, books, etc…). Have an area set up with all the materials you may need near your workspace. 

-Growth mindset is a must.