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Roberta Maynard's Classroom: CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS


Classroom expectations

Mrs. Maynard Team 16


  • Move safely
  • Use materials and equipment appropriately.
  • Keep hands to yourself and honor personal space.


  • Speak and act with kindness
  • Value yourself and others
  • Listen carefully and try to understand each other.
  • Follow directions.


  • Make positive choices.
  • Manage your words, actions, and emotions.
  • Be present and work hard to learn
  • If you see something, say something

Sparking Behavior!

     Students earn jewels for modeling classroom expectations and making super choices.  When 5 jewels have been earned students choose a class coupon.  A description of the class coupons can be found on our webpage.  Coupons include; Chew Gum, Fuzzy Friend, Read Aloud, Walk Around w/Officer Joey, Homework Pass, Show & Tell, Free Draw, wear a Hat, Free Pencil.

     A class reward may be earned by filling our marble jar.  When the whole class is “caught” doing a great job in any way marbles are added to the class jar.  Students who are on “Be Proud!” or “Fantastic!” at the end of the day add a marble to the jar. When the marble jar is filled students vote on a reward.

Class Rewards

  • Class Picnic, Gym Time, Extra Recess, Pajama Day, Game time

Student Rewards

  • Clip up, Earn a “Gem”, Class Coupon of choice, “Paw-some Panther” Sticker


     In team 16 we have a clip chart to help monitor expected and unexpected behaviors.  In the event of recurring unexpected behaviors students and adults will work collaboratively to identify the behavior and the problem that is causing unexpected behavior.  Our goal is to develop a plan that will help to solve the problem that is causing the unexpected behavior.  If more help is needed we may ask other adults to join in the collaboration.  You will be notified if your child struggles with recurring unexpected behaviors.  

Team 16 Classroom Expectations

Sparkling Behavior!
     In Team 16 we have a clip chart  to help monitor expected and unexpected behaviors.  Each student begins the day  in the middle of the chart  on "Ready For A Challenge".  Students move their individual clothespin up or down during the day depending on the choices they make.  Below you can see what the clip chart looks like.  A "Daily Communicator" will travel between school & home daily.
Be Proud! (Pink) Above and beyond.  Wonderful role model.  Students earn a gem on their clip.
Fantastic! (Purple) Training your brain.  Setting a great example! Student puts 1 marble in our class jar.
Thinking Smart! (Blue) Look at that growth!  Makes good choices.  Student puts 1 marble in our class jar.
Ready For A Challenge (Green) You've got this!  Everyone begins each day here.
Don't Give Up (Yellow) We all make mistakes.  Reminder for students to think about smarter choices.
Slow Down (Orange) Attitude and effort is everything.  Student and teacher collaborate on a plan to help promote expected behavior  in the furture.  This may happen during the first 5 minutes of recess. 
Time to Adjust (Red) Remember, change is possible. A note to parents is sent home or a phone call home is made in an effort to identify and solve a reoccuring problem or student frustration. 
Celebrating Super Choices                                                                
When a student earns 5 gems they select a class coupon of their choice.  The coupons are explained further on my website.  Coupons include; Chewing Gum, Wear a Hat, Read Aloud,, No Homework (and more!)
When a student clip has 10 gems the teacher will wear the clip to show they are a "Sparkling Student" then display the clothespin on our class board.  They will be given a new clothespin to start again.

Minion Rules